Microsoft Dynamics CRM


YallaParking is a startup that has grown to be a successful business, Currently, a Our Microsoft certified professionals have experience in the implementation of MS Dynamics CRM solutions for leaders in their market, such as Deloitte, Kaspersky, etc.    

The automation of business processes is a key factor in building successful companies. Our team can help any organization, from start-ups to well-established corporations, to determine the processes of which can be automated and digitalized by implementing Dynamics CRM 365, which includes:  

·       Recreating your business processes: setup system, implementation of services, and plugins.  

·       Implementing integrations with 3rd party services (including existing internal services).  

·       Customizing UI to fit company needs.  

·       Organizing the entire process of new features’ development and continuous integration/continuous delivery of the code to production servers.  


Our team’s expertise in covering the code with unit and automation tests made the process of new features’ delivering smooth and stable.  



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