Yalla Parking

Prerequisites 01 One constant problem facing a modern metropolis is the lack of sufficient parking spaces. Dubai is no exception. Our client from the UAE decided to solve this problem and, with our help, create an application connecting people who want to rent parking with potential lessors of parking spaces.
Task 02 The Innovedge Software team was faced with the task of developing an MVP (minimal valuable product) for the Yalla Parking startup, which would include:
  • iOS/Android application for lessors of parking spaces in Dubai
  • iOS/Android application for users who are looking for parking spaces for hourly/daily/monthly rental





01 Prototype Once the basic business requirements for a system are defined, the first step in implementation is prototyping. At this stage, the main focus is creating the basic architecture of the application: the screens it consists of, the logic for their display, and the third-party services that will be used. Creating startups is about the quick implementation of an MVP (minimum viable product), and this implies the use of third-party services instead of implementing some complex mechanisms from scratch. In our case, working with an interactive map of the city of Dubai (building routes to parking spaces, markers for available parking, etc.), our development team integrated with the Google Maps API. Also, an important part of the system is the ability to conveniently pay for a parking space - for this we have implemented the Stripe payment gateway.
02 Design After the prototype was created, our designers prepared 3 design concepts based on the customer’s brand book. A brand book is not required, but it is desirable. In its absence, our designers work based on the wishes of the customer. As a rule, 3 main screens are drawn for a design concept. In this case, the customer was presented with three screens; a login form, a customer information form, and a generated document form for digital signature. After the customer decided on the final design, our designers drew the remaining prototype screens.
03 Development When directly implementing the application, our development team took into account the customer’s requirement for cross-platform mobile application code, as well as the use of a modern framework for developing a Web application. To develop the mobile application, .NET MAUI was used (an evolution of the Xamarin.Forms platform from Microsoft), which made it possible to have a common code base for iOS and Android applications. Considering that the server, part of the system was implemented on the .NET platform. Development was made as cheap as possible without loss of quality. The same development team was able to work on different components of the system.
As a result, after 6 months an MVP was developed, tested and launched for the YallParking startup (later FlexiPark) (link to website). The product received investment at the startup forum in Saudi Arabia and continues to develop and implement iterations.